Folegandros is calling
A great summer destination you should definitely consider, is the island of Folegandros, located in the Small Cyclades complex. The friendly and warm-hearted locals, as well as the beautiful landscape with its bold colors, will surely have you coming back, again and again!
Night falls in Santorini
On my summer vacation in Santorini, I enjoyed strolling the gorgeous streets of this beautiful island. The colours of the night was as if they came out of a fairy-tale!
A hidden heaven
On this year's summer vacation, I got to visit the gorgeous little village in Santorini, Emporeio. Its narrow alleys and colorful houses were just adorable!
Summer in Santorini
In the summertime, the all-white structures in Santorini create a wonderful canvas, only found in vibrant islands such as this one!
Lost between fog and drops
When the rain becomes lighter, and the fog has lifted, a magical landscape is revealed before my eyes!
Visiting Lemnos
Spending some quality time here will surely award you, as you have so many sites to visit on this island of the North Aegean sea.
Kensington, London
Highlighting the gorgeous Victorian architecture of the buildings in the beautiful suburb of London.
London at night
Walking around the streets of London, I get to enjoy the lights of the busy metropolis that never seem to rest!
Notting Hill in pastel
A stroll around the streets of Notting Hill will take you to a journey in a fairyland with colorful houses and picturesque alleys you won't easily forget!
Crimson clouds
As the sun goes down, the clouds seem to be painted with velvet shades, creating a dramatic scenery, as if not of this world!
Dusk in Kédra
When the dusk throws its dark veil over my village, and the lights come on, the landscape transforms into something fabulous.
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