I have traveled! Perhaps not as much as I'd like, but I can say with certainty that the future holds many new destinations.
 As many of you do, when I'm searching for offers about my staying to a country or city, I first Google my destination and trying to filter the "good" from the "rest".
 After booking my flight, the next crucial budget I'll have to calculate is the hotel, apartment or hostel I'll be staying in.
 Some time ago, I was lucky enough to check out the Instagram profile of a couple, that's traveling to so many countries, that really inspired me so!
 I took advantage of a link they were offering through Booking.com, where I got a discount to my apartment's check out.
 This part of information I'd like to share with you here!
 Just to be fair, and saving you from some bad conclusions, I'm not a travel blogger or agent who lives of that. But I only thought was fair to share that with many others that w​​​​​​​ould want to take advantage of this discount. We all make our money, and we price them to the last cent when it comes to such expenses.
 So... Check out the offer I'm talking about HE​​​​​​​RE, and enjoy some nice vacation to wherever your mind haven't reached yet!​​​​​​​
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