Konstantinos Hytis
Roaming the cities ⸰ Lost in the woods
Photographer based in Athens, Greece
A recent night shot from my trip to London, with my new Sony Rx100M3
Capturing an old and rusty car, resting in an abandoned garage, in the ex-Royal Properties, Tatoi, Greece
Born and raised in Athens, I practice my love for photography since 2014. 
After graduating from VivArte Art School of Photography, I let myself discover various aspects of capturing moments.
Immigrants of several nationalities in Monastiraki sq., Athens, Greece
A huge graffiti of a pair of hands praying in Omonoia sq. Athens, Greece
Through my walks in several cities, and in the countryside of Greece, I came to appreciate the contrasts and architecture of urban centers, as well as the beauty and serenity of nature!
An old man I came across, on my vacation to Agkistri, Greece
A projects combining rust and metal paint
Below you'll find my projects theming urban sights, people in streets, stills in nature, and several photoshootings!
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